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>> really? >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> palesnians would argue the president has been unwillingo admit our embsies were targeted. >> bill: when jostewart begins mocking you libal america takes notice. will the president's foreign policy ngles influence the upcoming vote? >> i find such aal president obamand which is why i psionately support him specally because i'm a woman. op oill the ladies put the election day? that's what mr. obama is hoping. we'll ha anasis. >> holding a book and trying to get my reading glaes to wor >> bil we might be able to re
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shall i turnhe pe? "the factor" is all over the place todayhaking tnghi upn tv andadio. we'll show you how went. >> that epic debate, the one withyou andon swart, what are you doing to prepa? >> taking a na >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thks for watching us tonight' is the presint's foreign policy falling apart? that is the subject of this evening's taing points memo. jon stewart mocki presidenobama over the libyan assassination situation. that's not good news the president because up until now, much of e liberal media has ignored theac surrounding the terrorist tack on ambassador christopher stevens. last n stewart went t town. >> so the administration' story
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was anti-muim video on youtube uched off massive protest o vend to spread quick to7 other places. seems implausib, but two days later, they had an explanation r that, two. >> our current assessment is at what happen in benghazi wt had fac initially a just transpired hrs fore in iro. almo a copy caof the demotrations againstur facity in croch were prompted, of crse, by the video. copy ] sticking't the ras the ring 2.[r to the video sty. on the ehth day, the director of national center went in fnt ofongress with a slightly different as. n the course of awe terrorist attack on our embassy. >> of course, he's going to say it w a trorist attack. he the counterterrorism
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center. a cynic would argue theesidenhao admit ey we targeted by terrorists 'use th make m lo bad befe an election. maybe all tis stil not wecussn the factor l night, libertyian sittion and foreign policy in genal has not arrested the attention of casual voters who remainocked into thecony and in many cases, ideology. ize onhe libyan controversyto as part of overall competence chnge to mr. obama. if the econom remai bad and it does just checkutearnings from ford and gm today, and america's overseas str seems to, gornor romney should have some tht. verbal ammunition to use for his part, the presiden will remainsteadft that everything is going according to plan. >> four yes ago iaid i'd end the war in iaq, i did.
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sai we're goi to wind down the r in afghanistan we are. tower rises above t newe york skyline, al-qaeda on the path to defeat and osamain laden is dea inbill: but according to the afghanistan, al-qaeda fighters are again causing trouble in thatount a theerror group might eve be responsible fo murderi ambassador stevens. talkg pots believe many voters are sti pable. that support for the president is thin among some iependents. cent rasmuen pollays 42% of those backing the president arck in stone. that gives the governorom room tomorrowt n he needs to ben makiemo. now for th top story, is u.s. foreign policy in trouble? joining us fromostoox news milita analyst, colonel david hunt a ralph peters. conel pets, in trouble
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foign policy wis >> the obama administration has. bill, he only had this assomentf naive initiatives poisoned by ideology, deformed by politic, driven by pitics,nd the only thing the initiives i the foren affai alm have h in comn has been their faur you look from benghazi to beijing,n this afro-asian realm of cris,here iot one troued crynt not one, not russia, not china,ertainly notran, ahanistan, pakis ceainly notisrael, not one country in which relations are healthier or more constructiv th undereorge ush, and that was a pretty low standard. >>ill: wt do you say, colol hun >> i thinkhe specificity o thpoli when u look a we wante lower american prole wi t
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weakest profile we've had security s 1ince97 fst ambassador we had kild fail. in afgstssan is we have people traing, killing u that is not -- and the surge wa. the cmander on the ground reports says the talan is back. he talked about alda. >> bil the taliban really we want away. let'sook at afghanistan and an in particular and then libya at the end ofhe discus. inanyohave a lot fri friendly, but it'seally tan fanatic ins told me last week, you can buy afgh army uniforms at y marketparound afghany soldier and you're a taliban or al-qaeda terrorist, up or sho them walk inand dead. i don't know any army that could stop that, colonel peters. i mn, you know, i dot know
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if it's a faire of our poly in afghanistan rather than a go tactic by the talib fanatics. well, it's both. thtaliban hav wisely udll the pr man's nukes,as it were, ied's, suicide bombers, and these green on blue assassinations you ow cli in the iich obama said tha in his election campaign in 2008, he promised he'd wind down t war in afghanistan. th was another lie. his ectiamign, he said bush took his eye off the ball. he was goingo fix afghanistan. he went withhe surge, which wasxactly the wrong approach to a tribal sociy. you want a sml foot print, not a larg one. we alienated afgns. we poured innguided a in sight.corrupted we turned a nation o pick poets into a nation of al capones and now obama i taking down for windi dn his sge. this is grotesque -- >> bill: you botagree at the afghanhi has gone south.
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it's way --look, iraq, whether yolike t war or not, ghere with dig d we gave that country a cotry. all gh i think we a agree with that. right? we got outwith digni, wegave the government there a chance. whether they take the chae or not, i d't know. afghantan doest even look like we' going to get of there with a stable government 'causei is a crook, i thinhe's a crook. and the tan just waiti in thountains of pakistan a weeave. ok. let's go to in. the psident says he's mak inroads with alt sanctions, at they're suffering there and tat they're going to cave and if ssary.on't, he'll do whas what we mu is what he sd, to prevent th fm hing nuclear fail? >> ngovernment inerodn history stopped anher governmentrom building a nuke. the problem have in irans
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do y police tos policy. we have companies in the united states, companiesll over the world doing economic busins, making money i ira u want t hurt iran? you g to play hard ball economically. the military tion has got to be off the table. >> bl: so you thinkhat when yosau the marility option has to be offly not going to be off the tabole t the israelisand you can't tell them to do it 'cause they're g gointo do what they want. >> tcat do it witut us. >> bl: sure, they can. they can ty.r i don't know if ey'll successful, but they can try do it. so colonel peters, you see it the way colonel hu sees it. you can't have a military option. i think the presidents trying to squeeze tm, butou might be right, it isn't going to rk. if that don't work,he we t another hugeroblem coming down the road. >> this is theirst time i've ever agreed with colel ht o is a brilliant soler and i love him. but i don't thk he can take the military option off the table because of all the bad
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results in the persian gulf that cweld see, the wor is iran are clear wpons. fo years, obama has bee talking. four years the iranians he it happed to build -- >> bill: no doubt about it. they thumbed their nose at him >> north korea route. >> colonel hunt, i certainly undersnd tt del, but iran is different. enomy, the world oilhreaten the supplies. they y meeseianic nut cases. ey didn't havehis -- >> ralph you're -- >> bill: theor korea had a restraining agent in that sense does to is day and that's ina. there is no resaining agent on iran at all >>uy, iran has hezbollah an hamas,if them, hezbol lebanon and hamas in palestinend float one of their three submarine in the straithad yo seen yove real problems. point ithatf youomb,f the israelis go to bomb, there
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is no success. thonly way toet at those bunker busters and nobody is going to throw nukes at iran. my point ithere isuch reoo d iran than talk about -- >> bl: look, you can carpet bomb them and knock out a their infrastructur you n certainlydo that. >> ii pushing the israelis intaorner of the think there is an outside chance that they will use a nuken the cility because it's the only way -- llill: i don't think they' do that. would do wo be to bomb their frastructures, their ports and everything elsend create havoc andchaos ere. do.that i think they would i got to run. both of you agree that right non history, the obama forei policy is a shames, would that right wor >> there is no obama foreign policy. >> bill: all right, allight. whatever they'reeporting it to be, and poor hillary clinton is running around
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to b getting anhing under control. we havtohink abo that.discussio. next up, factor exclusive. we'll talk tohe man who pr foris republican primary debates, right b
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>> bill: impact segment, president obama nevada, mi romney in colorado. both preppin f the big debate morr night. remember when newt gingrich clked the governo in the south carolina debate last spring, romney came back strong in florida. the man whohelped prepare t deb, brett o'donnell joins us now. youeally know this turf because you worked for john mccain when he r ain barak a in 2008 and n in the primary season,ou worked for tt romney. let's assess the governor's weas debater first. strengths? >> wl, i think the governor is a very good messenger. he's a good orator, hecan
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deliver a speech. he's very good when he's on messand on offense. as you saw in the debates in flora ag when heot g offense, the governor was very effective. when he leans int a debate, he can be pretty fective. >> bill: allight. weness? >> weaknesses, whe he gets -- ke most every politician, when he gets defensive, that's when he mes mistakes. the $10,0 bet came when governorromney was being defensive abt his health care policynd instances where other debaters have been able to get him on the defense and when that happens, he tends to look b. bil all rht. you know that president oma is ing to try to do that. he's going to question his health care criticism, his flip flops on various issues. he's going to pre him from very specifics on your tax program and at you're goingo phase out as far as deductis are concerned, all ofhat. is the governor going to be able to parry, can he parry? can he thinkast enough on his
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feet to block inevitably at's going toom his way? >> hebsolutely can. if you reme debates with newt gingrich, speaker gingr chs migration policy. he was reallyoing after him about deporting grandmoer he areat response. we can't deport 11 milli grandmothers. there aren't 11illion grandmotrs that wre poing. so he can. can rort. whathe governo has goto do it's not about parrying, it's about going on offense. it's aut starting the debate on offense d finishing the debate on offee. >>ill: remember, though, because i' debated bak twice, i mean, he's not jimmy caer. agan was theem tate who destyed cart. obama is muc quicy a confrontaonal man, am i correct on thathe's not me. he not looking r the fight.
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heoesn't rish the debate. >> that's wh hapnedhe first obably 15 primary detes. he stayed t ou t fray and just sort ofave histhat's right. an let every ese beat each othe up. bil but this time he has to prove himself to the american pe which president obama doesn't have to pove hielf. he's aknown quantity. you like him, you n't. it's the pple in the middl you're after. mitt romney still has to pre in the debate is on the governor or am i wro? >> no, i think you're right. while the challenger gets ated by being on t s with the president, clearly the iden he's on the mountain to he's the victor, he won debates. he's the president. anso got to be compelng rean for ange, s governor romy has the burden proof -- >> bill: he needs to bng that compng reason. why aren't you in colorado with romney? you did good job in florida when hturned i ound. why arenou out there with
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hi >> i think the governor's got ae it at that. >> bill: sit's his prerence not to have yong. secondly, you prped john mccain for his debate witbarak obam mccain held h own, budidn't bring the debate to the president, then se mcin never brought it to him. he was almost exasperated by hat he's talking about. he's talking inenalities, but that doesn't get tgh to the electorate who liked barak s like barak true. i think thas o of the reasons why governor romney's got to go on ose. what t governohas t do is make t blaming barak obama f the badec- >> bill: how do u that? how do youwing the public over to how? >> well, that's the thing that they haven'te don effectively -- as etively atheyeed to. they've convind the american peoplehat the economy is bad. they ven't convinced the
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ameran pple is that theent'solie caused t economy.ill: do yodo ty bsolutely. so y just k-- >> policy picy, policy by licy, and say, your stimulus bill conditns whic has hur unemoymentnd cause it to be above 8% for 40 months. an polici that he's done that have caused the economy to go do. >> bill: fin question, does mitt romney have to you know the presint going to come after him -- look, here is wha i'm going to phase out. some chatable stu, some real estate stu, does have to do that or can he stay in the ral area whe he mfortable? >> no. at he has to do is cast a vision that's a alternive than the path we're >>ill: does that include specificity in those areaswhere the president is gng t ke nging him andangingnd bangg him, tell me, tell me tee? >> don'think by and larg it hao. there has to be a fewbuo do i ty
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forward an the president does right now. >> bill: all right mr. we hope yk,he way in aew days and assess whatappened out tre. rit? >> would love to. >> bil directly ahead, the esident counting o womput him b. crowley and colmes on that. then imu thisorning o the fox business channel. might enjoy this one, upcomg
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>> bill: rock in a hard place segment. new poll has president obama leading mitt romney 49 to 45. the president's lead is primarily due to women voters. they're breaking for him 56-2 right now. while men favor romney 52-42. no question the obama campaign is targeting the ladies. >> i find such a champion in president obama and which is why i passionately support him, specifically because i'm a woman. >> he also has the story that i can tell my daughter because it shows that no matter where you start out, you can work hard and you can do whatever you put your mind to. >> it's a story that touches me and one that is very familiar to me with how i was raised, you know, and our mom was a single parent. she had spectacular dreams for
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herself and us girls. >> bill: with us now, fox news analyst monica crowley and alan colmes. where are women breaking for the president? >> barak obama is leeing hugely among unmarried women, but among married women, romney is actually leading by 6 to 8 points. that being said, the president does have overall a big lead among women and i think it's largely because he is had enormous success in trying to get women's attention after 2010. in 2008, he won women bay big majority. democrats then lost women in 2010 with the big republican surge and so over the last two years, he's done a couple of things. the bogus war on women, trying to freak women out about their birth control. he and his campaign put up the fictional life of julia, where women are dependent on government from cradle to grave. and just today, bill, organizing for america, obama for america, his campaign arm put a mental out to women saying, vote like your lady parts depend on it because they do.
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>> bill: lady parts. >> that's incredibly insulting. but this is how the democrats view women. >> bill: i thought de-- >> i have to be honest, i lawsuit lady parts was a band. >> bill: it is kind of shameless, even you have to admit it's kind of shameless, this whole thing is shameless. to appeal like they're some kind of thing in the wind to deny women their rights. >> it goes way beyond that. this is a president who signed the act, something romney acted like he didn't know what it was. >> bill: the lily ledbetter act. equal pay. >> that's right. okay. you can denounce it. >> bill: i'm not denouncing it. >> i think that's relevant. most of the violence against women act that romney acted -- said four years ago, i'm not familiar with it. you also had paul ryan who in his abortion bill, anti-abortion bill basically had the term forcible rape. you had a series of things that have knocked it down to the benefit of the republican -- >> bill: how big -- the country
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is divided, it's almost more people are pro-life than pro choice. it's like 52-48, according to the latest poll. among just women, do you know what the stat is? >> i don't know the specific stat. but die know without making the sweeping generalization, a lot of women do tend to be single issue voters. at least in the past. the economy is really changed that. >> bill: it's hurting everybody. >> but there are still a significant amount of women who tend to vote single issue on the abortion issue. and that's why traditionally -- >> bill: do they vote the other way, pro-life? >> there are a lot of men in particular who happen to be pro-life. >> bill: i don't know how much -- >> traditionally, the democrats have enjoyed a lead among women because unmarried women tend to be more dependent on the government. >> bill: here is what i care about. certainly the obama administration made a calculation to alienate the catholic church by forcing some of their agencies to cover birth control. all right. they didn't really care. they made the calculation. we don't really care if it tees off the catholics because we
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think we can get more currency with women. all right? whether they're catholic or noncatholic. so we'll do that. then the incredible, and i mean incredible sandra fluke situation where the woman's demanding that a birth control be paid for, all right, by other -- by colmes and me and you, all right, demanding -- not asking nicely, gentleman he, could you lend me nine bucks? no. you pay for it! and i was so outraged by this. and i still maintain that. i thought it was such a mistake. but it doesn't seem to be turning -- >> it hasn't hurt romney -- >> bill: it hasn't hurt obama. >> it hasn't helped romney. but the fact is again, it's the insurance companies paying for this. not the catholic church and obama is polling well among catholics. >> we're talking about the political calculus here. and like i said, he won women big in 08. lost them big in 2010. so he needed to get them back. hence all of this scare tactics. remember, look, it's so degrading to give this message to -- i agree, he's had a lot of
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success in these scare messages. but women's issues are every american's issues. jobs and the economy. that's something romney has to say i don't care if you're a man or woman. i'm going to give you a healthy jobs market. that rebounds to the benefit of everybody, men and women. >> is it degrading to say women want free stuff and they'll buy whatever obama puts out and they're not paying -- >> free birth control. >> is that significant to women that they vote because they want free stuff? >> bill: don't you think it was degrading for a 30-year-old georgetown woman demand that they -- >> i wouldn't use the word demand. >> bill: i thought she was going to set herself on fire if she didn't get it. >> she was fighting for the same kind of health care coverage that men have. >> bill: fighting for it. this is how out of touch i am. i thought that was a huge mistake and it has not turned out to be a huge mistake for the obama administration. >> among single women that, is true. >> bill: no, but look at how big they're breaking for him. >> but, remember, romney has a
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huge lead among men. he's got a lead among married women. remember, feminism was all about freedom for women. governor romney should say i'll give you more freedom than independence, women, especially out of government. no more dependence on government. >> it's white men really. >> bill: does it count or no? look, it's men, women. all right? okay. do we have to break it out? >> we're breaking out gender, we're breaking out different segments -- >> bill: the discussion is on. you, all of a sudden, put color in there. >> white men versus black. >> whatever. >> bill: yeah. >> whatever, let's talk about whatever on november 6. >> bill: do you like being white, colmes? >> i like being -- i am what i am, bill. it's from that show -- >> bill: i am what i am and that's all that i ever can be. the turtles sang that song.
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i don't think he likes me. i really don't. >> help me, america. >> bill: plenty borrow ahead. this earnings john stossel goes back to college and the results are bizarre, i must say. stossel will explain. then is it legal? update on a woman convicted of welfare fraud after winning a million dollars lottery, she's dead. we hope you stay tuned for those
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>> bill: john traveled to the university of north carolina where some incredibly dumb
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things are happening. for example, if you are a freshman student at unc, you can not call yourself a freshman because it's sexist. the freshman first year thing that we been talking about a little bit, you framed it as a free speech issue, which there is no policy as a free speech issue. >> political correctness issue. >> my view on it is even if, you know, helps one incoming first year feel less alienated on campus, it's a harmless change. you refer to it as disgain. i don't know, why the negative feeling towards a university policy of the official title of -- >> because enough is enough. i can't believe a woman would feel -- [ applause ] disrespected by being called a freshman. and i agree, we've had a sexist country when my daughter was born, i went through all the doctor seuss books and her children's books and changed the hes to sheas 'cause i didn't like it that they were all he's. but freshman?
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come on. >> bill: stossel joins us from washington. explain this to me, so you go down to chappell hill, go to the university of north carolina, but you're a freshman anymore. what are you? what is the term now? >> first year, you're first year student. >> bill: your not a freshman because it's freshman, man. that is sexist. >> i thought it was fresh human. but yes. some woman might feel dissed and you have to be very careful not to offend anyone. your show would be banned. >> bill: of course my show would be banned. did you know that in proper english, the masculine pronoun always takes precedent? did you know that? >> i did not. >> bill: yes. so therefore, when writing a literature at university of north carolina, you can use he when it is something that could be he or she. that's why god is referred to as
1:35 am
a he, because nobody know what is god is, if it's a gender or anything. but i digress. >> i still think i did the right thing changing my daughter's children's books. >> bill: that was very politically correct. so you go down there and they don't want to use the word freshman. they have other stuff, all right. they don't -- you can go to jail if you give people advice on what to eat at the university of north carolina? >> no, that was in north carolina in general. a guy ran a blog offering a nutrition advice and the state board said no, you can't be giving advice on nutrition unless you have a license from the state. you could go to jail. >> bill: if i say i like so and so on tip of the day, i could be in cuffs shortly after day, the north north carolinaan authorities would come up and get me? >> that's their licensing laws. >> bill: let's get back to campus. if you're dating somebody on the campus, then you can't suggest that intimacy should happen?
1:36 am
>> you can't implicitly or explicitly ask someone for sex. which raises the question, how do you get there? >> bill: are you going to answer the question? >> i don't know. i think if you have sex, it must be rape since you weren't allowed to -- >> bill: you can't overtly ask or even like -- how about a little wink? can you do that? >> apparently. >> bill: you can wink or you can't? 'cause that may be implicity, if i do that, i could be implying something. >> i'm sure totalitarian left would have an opinion because you would have to go before one of their tribunals. the truth is that they were -- >> bill: they have tribunals there? >> they rarely punish people for these things. but when you have all these rules and they have a civility code which would ban you, what it means is they use them to punish people they don't like and those are usually people like you. >> bill: tell me about the civility code at the university of north carolina.
1:37 am
>> all speech must be civil. and that feels right. why not have nice speech? but the civil rights movement and the protests sitting on a lunch hall and refusing to leave on a lunch counter because they're racist, it's important not to be civil all the time. >> bill: if i go down there and i call somebody a pinhead, am i arrested by the campus police? >> you, according to their code, would be kicked out of school. >> bill: is that right? wow! >> probably wouldn't do it for pinhead. >> bill: wow. i bet you they would if it were me. i bet you they would. >> you do much worse. >> bill: the guys in "animal house" they're not going to the university of north carolina. that's not happening. that movie could have never been made if all the colleges had these. >> these codes are since animal house. in response to "animal house." >> bill: tell them time coming down if they don't knock it off. when we come right back, strange twist to a strange case of welfare fraud.
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the woman who committed it was a big lottery winner and now she's done. legal is next
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. legal segment, gay marriage, a mysterious death and terrorists released from guantanamo bay. here now, lease wheel.
1:41 am
in simple terms so i can understand it, we have the supreme court back after four-month vacation. how can i get this job? >> you can't. >> bill: they're back. >> right. >> bill: one of the things on their plate before they go on another vacation for christmas is gay marriage. >> yes. defense of marriage act which was signed by president clinton in 1996. that's a big federal law they're going to be looking at. they may -- >> bill: tell me what it says. >> the defense of marriage act in 1996 said only -- you can't only have marriage between a man and woman. not just marriage, but the legal benefits that come with marriage, when you die. >> bill: who wants to overturn that? >> lot of people do, but at least five cases are now in front of the supreme court by different plaintiffs saying, look, i was in a marriage, i was? a marriage. it was sanctified by the state. >> bill: are they all gay people? >> all gay people. right. now you feds, you can't take away my rights. >> bill: so all gay people, five different cases.
1:42 am
>> five in front of the supreme court. 19 pend not guilty federal court. >> arthel: so the supreme court pick -- >> bill: so the supreme court picked one? >> they haven't picked any. >> bill: will they pick one? >> yes. >> bill: just one? >> no. my thinking is they'll president-elect obama put all of them together. the big soup can? >> right. >> bill: then guilfoyle, they'll deliberate on whether doma is constitutional? >> yes. they'll determine whether or not it violates the equal protection clause, thereby denying people who have been legally married in states and jurisdictions that allow it the benefits that accrue from being married. >> bill: so they'll most likely say it's unconstitutional? >> i think so based on the split. >> bill: when the supreme court says defense of marriage act is unconstitutional, then that let's every state decide for themselves? >> it's a state's right issue, but the supreme court will probably say. >> bill: one state said no, we don't want it here. >> that's prop 8. >> bill: okay. and then now we have that appeal
1:43 am
heading toward the supreme court. that's separate one. >> that's the other part of this gay marriage act. >> bill: the state already decided we don't want it. >> and this lower -- >> bill: the supreme court has to decide whether the states have jurisdiction over the marital -- >> they don't got to decide anything. they don't have to take any of these cases. >> they could decline to take that up and say that was the will of the voters. that is a referendum. >> bill: what are the odds of that? >> i think they're going to take on doma, that's neat and clean and easy for them to handle, to say it's unconstitutional. the defense of marriage act will be struck town and they'll proceed -- >> bill: they can kick that back. >> because don't forget, the prop 8 case has only been heard by three judges. >> bill: i don't care about all that minutia, but to overturn a vote, legalize vote, the supreme court has to do that, it is a big deal. >> it is. >> bill: now, this is a very strange case. a woman in michigan convicted of
1:44 am
welfare fraud, young woman. >> amanda clayton, 25 years old. >> bill: she win has million bucks. >> she does in the make me rich. >> bill: she gets a million dollars, but still keeps cashing her welfare checks and gets convicted of that. >> she pled no contest. she had six months of probation and she passed away from a drug overdose. >> bill: now she's dead. >> right. she was caught and on tape saying, they didn't take it away, so i figured i could still do it because i had a lot of bills to pay and i don't have much money after taxes 'cause i took a lump sum of 745,000 after taxes. >> bill: that's a lot of money. >> it's a loft money by anybody's standards, to be honest with you. it's a sad case because. >> bill: how did she die? >> drug overdose, it appears. >> bill: she took a drug overdose? >> right. >> so she's got all that money, she's still on food stamps. she's still trying to cheat the government. where does the money go? it looks like -- >> bill: she's a drug addict.
1:45 am
>> right. >> bill: had it is an oxycontin thing sweeping the country. >> it's sad. 26-year-old woman. >> bill: and she had kids, right? n two children. >> bill: she's dead? >> what's going to half to her kids? >> bill: tell me about omar kadir, 26-year-old guantanamo bay, but not in guantanamo bay, he's in canada. >> he's from canada. >> bill: montreal canadians sign him? what is he doing there? >> he was a gitmo for ten years after he admitted to killing one of our sergeant first class in afghanistan. he then was -- after ten years in gitmo, he was given an eight-year sentence to be started now, okay? so it's not as if he can say i've been there ten years. so he's got the ten-year, plus almost eight years in canada. because he did this as a child, he was 15 at the time, we don't know how canada will treat this. >> bill: so they extradited him from guantanamo bay to canada, canadian citizen. now his father is dead because
1:46 am
his father got killed because his father was a terrorist j right. >> bill: this kid is hard core kid. he threw this grenade at the u.s. soldier. what people in canada are worried about is that this guy is now there in prison in canada, civilian prison. they may let him out next year after one year. >> that's the were on. it's yen win concern because -- genuine concern because he's transferred from october of 2010 with the prosecutors and allowed to go to canada. >> bill: he pled guilty in return for that? >> exactly. if you send me to canada, i'll agree and do the time because guess what? he's thinking he may not have to do it. but u.s. officials have been guaranteed that in fact, he will serve out the eight. >> canadian authorities don't have to let him go after that. that's a possibility. but they don't have to. >> bill: we don't think that the canadian authorities are that crazy? >> no. they're going to honor their word. >> bill: because this is a dangerous guy. his family is all jihaddist. come on. >> eight years is short for
1:47 am
them. >> bill: if he gets out, it will be a big story. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it. and we have a new deal for you. lis wiel's latest, out today. coincidence it's been released on the same day as "killing kennedy." if you buy it, we'll send you "darkness rising" free, two books. amazing promotion. check it out on reality check on deck. madonna explaining the black muslim president remark and i go hand to hand with imus. check moments away
1:48 am
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1:50 am
>> bill: back of the book segment, reality check, we begin with my early morning in support of "killing kennedy." check one. the book is out today. more than 1 million copies in the first printing. which is enormous in this age of kindle. usa today did a very fair piece on the book and you might want to check that out on usa national media is generally hostile to us, we did not send out review copies which is probably wise. i'd rather talk about the book face-to-face, which i did on imus today. >> mr. o'reilley, the book is
1:51 am
"killing kennedy," the end of camelot. i've been humping it like i'm getting a piece of it for a couple of weeks. it's terrific. >> bill: thank you. i appreciate that. i'm glad you took the time to read it. >> i love it. here is where i am. oswald just arrived in mexico city and he's on his way to the cuban embassy. you know what i'm having problems -- i read everything off a computer now or off of a -- >> bill: sure. >> so holding a book, trying to get my reading glasses to work. >> bill: let me get this straight, you have trouble holding the book and putting the glasses on at the same time? >> no, no, getting it the right distance. >> bill: we might be able to hire people to do that for you. just hold it for you and turn the page. mr. imus, shall i turn the page? >> bill: i want to thank "fox & friends" for putting me on of the check two, last week we made fun of madonna for saying that there is a black muslim in the white house. after thinking it over for a phi
1:52 am
days, she came up with this spin, quote, i was being ironic, yes, i know obama is not a muslim, though i know plenty of people in this country think he is. what if he were? point i was making is that a good man is a good man. no matter who he prays to. i don't care what religion obama is, nor should anyone else in america. lesson of the day. check three, far worst than madonna will ever be, snoop dogg. was openly smoking marijuana with his 18-year-old son. the despicable dog told a hollywood reporter, quote, my kids can do whatever the hell they want. for me to say otherwise would be hypocritical. a lot of mfers don't have a relationship with their kids and that's why they get on drugs. here is a clue, canine. your kids already on drugs. you know why? 'cause you're giving them to him. okay? congratulations. if if were up to me, i would have you arrested.
1:53 am
check four, dave letterman really, really wants to book governor romney on his program. >> the current president, president obama, was on the show last week. the challenger, mitt romney has not been on the show. we have asked him to be on the show. we have -- any night, any time, short notice, whatever he wants, he can be on the show. he's got 39 days. now, i don't want to persuade anybody unnecessarily, but if he's not here in 39 days, don't vote for him. >> bill: no, not much of a chance that the majority of dave's audience will be supporting romney, but we do feel letterman's pain 'cause we're trying to get the governor on "the factor" as well. finally check five, because of all the interest in the upcoming debate this saturday evening between me and jon stewart, we put together a montage of past encounters. do you, jon stewart, have obama
1:54 am
remorse? >> i think people feel a disappointment in that there was a sense that oh, jesus will walk on water and now you're looking like, oh, look that, it's just treading water. >> bill: you said he's let you down a couple of times when he didn't do a far left thing that you wanted. >> how far left am i? >> bill: it depends on the night. it depends on the ratings. >> you don't know much about me, do you. >> bill: and i don't want to. no, that's not nice. stewart it's nice to come in here. is there ever -- would there ever be a scenario where you could see not voting for barak obama and voting for a republican? >> sure. >> bill: and what would that be? what would barak obama have to be besides kicking you in the head? you're a stand up guy. >> your respect for me grows for leaps and bounds. you're like the grinch after he realized they don't need presents for christmas when you see me. >> bill: saturday's big events at george washington university, completely sold out. sold out in ten minutes. you can see it on the net for less than five bucks and half of that goes to charity. so please check out the rumble
1:55 am
2012. com. if you buy the show, you can watch it any time. that's the only way you'll see it. that is reality check. factor tip of the day, what should we do about the aarp? the tip, 60 seconds away
1:56 am
>> bill and, the only reason you and fox are questioning the polls is because romney is losing. >> when more democrats or republicans are polled, i have to look into that. no ideology involved. >> no problem. morris predicted mccain would win, but hedged his bet, saying obama could win if the young vote turned out, which it did.
1:57 am
>> fox news analysts, including myself, are paid for honest assessments, not to root for anyone. it's fine foritous say we favor a certain candidate. that happens all the time. but we need to put forth honest opinions, not in the tank stuff. watch other networks for that. plenty of that. by the way, i never endorse political candidates because my job is to watch.
1:58 am
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